POP-IN® Retrofitting and Refurbishing Solutions

Saving money while spending money

Tired-looking kitchens aren’t always at the end of their life span even if they appear to be.

A facelift could revitalize your kitchen. Generally, the cabinets themselves are still sound after all their years of service but the door and drawer hardware does wear out and the faces of the cabinets do become dated and worn…..here’s the most common dilemma….replacing the entire kitchen isn’t that simple. It always spills over into painting walls, replacing flooring, and adding new sinks and fixtures…you get it!! It’s a nightmare that’s unfolding in your wallet!

New doors; perhaps a bit of painting as well on the old wood surfaces in some cases and the kitchen looks like new at a fraction of a replacement project. The best part is it doesn’t have to be done all at once. This approach enables you to break the improvements into subgroups.

  • Doors and drawer fronts (& sometimes a bit of paint)
  • New drawer hardware and drawers
  • New stone counters & a new sink

The list goes on a little differently for everyone’s needs of course but the point is it doesn’t have to be a huge dollar lay out all at once and it doesn’t burn your wallet.

POP-IN ® Closets affordable closet organizer solutions

Our Plug & Play closet components provide many possible layout combinations in any space that requires storage and organization. Tall hanging, double hanging, tower combinations with shelving & drawers, recreational and seasonal storage, and drawers with open spaces for finger pulls provide air circulation to keep contents fresh and eliminate the need for hardware pulls.

This saves a lot of time & money trying to decide on hardware choices…simply put…none is required. You send us a simple sketch with inside dimensions and your closet kit will be cut to order.

All our gables are 84.25” (2140mm) in height & 14 3/8 (365mm) deep. The drawers fit to the line bore drilling holes and come complete with a white slab drawer front that clicks into place.

POP-IN ® Ergonomics

Not everybody wants or needs to spend a bucket full of money on a new kitchen…but those of us with creaky knees and not-so-bendable backs could use a little help getting items out of the lower cabinets.

Installing Insert drawers or pullout shelves in lower cabinets is an affordable means to improve the function of a kitchen that still looks good but just doesn’t work the way your body needs it to.

You provide us with the inside dimensions of the cabinet and a list of how you need it to function.

We provide you with the POP-IN® products and hardware to do the job. In some cases, a drilling jig can also be provided to make the installation a little more enjoyable.

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