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Specializing in providing custom components and cabinets that are precisely tailored, enabling our industry partners’ projects to remain on track.

After nearly 25 years in the millwork and contracting game, we have repositioned our offerings to our clients as a custom cutting and fabricating supplier, moving away from our original supply & install operation. Our reasoning is simple.

Contractors and builders need a readily available, good-quality product that can be installed by their own workforce. Supply chain issues creating shortages of goods required for projects along with inflationary cost increases are angering customers and extending project schedules past the point of profitability and spoiling customer relations.

Our approach is to offer industry professionals and businesses a cut-to-order solution to expedite their cabinetry needs in a tight time frame and so far it’s proving to be popular. On-site fabricating was once a very practical and profitable solution for the builder and renovation professional but not anymore.

Bidding is tight, margins are smaller, the workforce is thinning, dollars are evaporating and the end user is pushing back on the cost of construction. Our industry is being forced into the plug & play method.

Customers want immediate value for their hard-earned dollar more so now than ever before and the little spare time they have left over from their work week is not going to be wasted…They want immediate results and pay no more than necessary.

Our role in the supply chain for the industry operator is to fast-track the supply of the special cut-to-fit components and cabinets for their projects to keep the schedule tight and on time.

Our brands

There are two brand names under our corporate flag to choose from:

POP-IN ® Retrofit Cabinetry Systems
This is where you will find the ergonomic solutions for your build. Drawer inserts in existing kitchens, closet systems, bathroom vanities with awkward measurements, replacement parts and cabinets for insurance claims, and the never-ending solutions for that special client that can challenge the patience of a Saint.

Nifty Kitchens®
This brand covers the larger orders dealing with case goods from RTA (ready to assemble) to fully assembled, ready to pick up and install. Our software works with your drawings and hardware choices to complete the cut list for production on our CNC cutting and drilling machines. All parts are drilled for wooden dowel alignment and labeled for identification to expedite assembly. It really is quite Nifty!

Our values

Customer focus

Our customers always come first—that's why we provide them with only the highest-quality cabinet solutions so their job is done quickly and efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. It's a win-win.


Our commitment to the highest standards of ethics keeps us thriving and reliable in our industry. We believe that our intregrity is the secret to our longevity as a business, and 25 years speaks for itself!


We believe we have found a sweet spot, offering quality products at afforable prices. Quality should never be compromised and we make sure to have the best quality control practices in our shop so you're customer is wow'd every time.

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